Saturday, November 26, 2005

"I was trying to get out of the way, but they knocked me down."

Here is an excellent reason not to go shopping on 'Black Friday.' Lots of idiotic and greedy people out there.
"Black Friday," the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, began in South Florida early today with a 73-year-old woman being knocked down as a crowd at an electronics store rushed a metal security gate to get inside. The crowd of shoppers outside BrandsMart USA in Sawgrass Mills, angry at being forced to wait by security personnel, pushed their way under the security gate and down a hallway into the store, forcing dozens of people against the walls and trampling the woman. (Sun-Sentinel)

I've been to Sawgrass Mills several times. I've heard that it's the second most visited site in Florida. I'll let you guess as to what is the most visited site - it has something to do with a rodent. Sawgrass has a lot of great stores, especially the Off Fifth and the Gap Outlet. I loved eating at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe (mmmmmm... pumpkin-filled ravioli), but it appears from the S.M. website that it's no longer there.

UPDATE: I last visited Sawgrass Mills in late March 2007. Puck's Cafe had closed.


  1. Nice new blog name and site! Thank you for leaving a comment. We had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable time also. Nice picture. Cute little girl!

  2. Jamie: Thanks for your comments. I visit your site now and then. Glad to see you're doing well!