Saturday, November 26, 2005

Roger Ebert to Oprah: "Syndicate!"

If you wonder how Oprah began her path to super-stardom, look no further than her Chicago neighbor Roger Ebert.
Yes, it is true, I persuaded Oprah to become the most successful and famous woman in the world. I was also the person who suggested that Jerry Springer not go into syndication, for which I have received too little credit.

All of these years I have maintained a discreet silence about my role as Oprah's adviser, but now that she has spilled the beans, the time is right to tell the whole story.

It begins early one morning in Baltimore, where Gene Siskel and I are scheduled to appear on a morning talk show hosted by a newcomer named Oprah Winfrey. The other guests on the show include a vegetarian chef, and four dwarfs dressed as chipmunks, who will sing "The Chipmunk Christmas Song" while dancing with Hula-Hoops. (

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I've always been an admirer of Winfrey's and what she has accomplished. However, I think she's become a little more full of herself in the past few years. She has shown off her lavish homes, and she spends a little too much on-stage time with her Hollywood friends. I still watch her at times, though, especially the "favorite things" show - and I'll hopefully catch her visit with David Letterman.

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