Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Harry Potter books seem to protect children from traumatic injuries."

Reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince may keep your kid out of the emergency room.
When we last left Harry Potter his life was in mortal peril from Lord Voldermort and his Death Eaters, but the teen wizard was still able to cast a Protego spell to keep muggle (non-magical) kids from harm.

That's the opinion of researchers here, who found that when the latest installments of the Harry Potter books came out, the number of kids showing up in the emergency room with broken bones, sprains, scrapes and bruises went down significantly. Apparently, kids were just so wild about Harry that they didn't have time to ride a skateboard down a flight of stairs, or weave a scooter through heavy traffic. (MedPage Today)

Intriguing stuff, but I still think I'll encourage my daughters to spend some time outside when the weather is warm. Reading is important but so is physical activity.

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