Thursday, December 22, 2005

"If people want to see it, I try to be nice to them."

The trials and tribulations of living in a Frank Lloyd Wright house include leaky roofs and gawking students. But the biggest problem of all is how to furnish a home built by a master of architecture.

If the Cretellas have one problem with the house, it's that much of their furniture and art - including Santa Fe-style pottery, Victorian antiques and red leather chairs - doesn't really complement Wright's architecture. "Our old house was completely different," Mr. Cretella said, explaining the mismatch. But even experienced interior designers have trouble knowing how to furnish a Wright house. So it's no wonder the Cretellas are hesitant about redecorating.

"We're attacking it, piece by piece," Mr. Cretella said. (NY Times)

I lived in Oak Park, Illinois for nearly a year in 1997 and 1998. The city is graced by quite a few Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and his former home and studio still stands as a museum. Visitors are able to purchase maps to walk around the city and view the homes, and each spring there is a tour inside of some of the privately owned homes. I could never imagine living in such a home. My problem would be the same as the Cretellas - how do I furnish it?

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