Wednesday, December 7, 2005

"If you're fishing, and you don't catch fish, change bait."

Here is an article about Ultimate Christian Wrestling, a group of pro and semi-pro wrestlers based out of an Athens, Georgia church that travels to other churches in order to entertain audiences with wrestling and preach the Gospel.

Witness [Rob] Fields (aka "Rob Adonis"), a 6-foot-4, 285-pound package of ministerial menace, getting trounced by Lee "Lover Boy" Thomas, with a succession of choke holds, chin blasters and a thunderous flying leg drop from the top rope. When Thomas and his manager, Mr. Evil, gang up on the hapless Adonis, pounding him and stealing his UCW belt, we have to wonder, is the first going to be last tonight?

What would Jesus do?

I'm not quite sure what He would do in a wrestling ring, but I can't imagine Jesus would dress up in skin-tight briefs and then clothesline some guy so that He can give His Sermon on the Mount to an adoring crowd.

Tully Blanchard, a former partner of pro-wrestler Ric Flair, is now an ordained minister and has joined with this group.
Tully Blanchard .... offered his own testimony during a break in the Holly Springs match and stood ready at the altar call — a regular feature of UCW events — to counsel any new believers. Though none approached the ring that evening, wrestling, he said later, can win souls that conventional worship can't. "If you're fishing, and you don't catch fish, change bait."

Funny, but I thought that God, not wrestling, brought people to Himself. Jonah 2:9 reads, "Salvation is of the Lord."

Ultimate Christian Wrestling has its own site, complete with a prayer board, some photos of the wrestlers, and merchandise link.

SomethingCool News conducted a recent interview with Rob Adonis.

More Christian wrestling sites: Christian Wrestling Federation, Christian Wrestling Alliance, Extreme Christian Wrestling

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  1. Dude, you want ULTIMATE Christian wrestling, I say go no further than Jacob taking on God. ;)