Thursday, December 8, 2005

John Lennon, 10/9/40 - 12/8/80

25 years ago today, John Lennon was shot while entering the hotel in New York City where he had been staying. Several hours previously, he signed an autograph for the man who shot him, Mark David Chapman.

I was nine years old when Lennon was killed. I don't remember much about it the way that I remember when President Reagan was shot or when the Challenger exploded, but I remember that everyone at school was talking about it the next day.

Newsweek looks back: "I just shot John Lennon."

Chapman remains in Attica, having been denied parole in October 2004. Some chilling words: "I felt that perhaps my identity would be found in the killing of John Lennon."

Were the Beatles about to 'come together' again? Some interesting news:

It would have been the sensational return of the Fab Four. But the bullet that killed John Lennon 25 years ago today destroyed plans for a Beatles reunion, according to new claims. Lennon was making secret plans to record an album with the other former Beatles when he was killed, Jack Douglas, the producer who was working with him until minutes before his death, told The Times.

He said in an interview in New York: “He and Paul planned to play on a Ringo album and that’s how they were planning to do it, and George had not come aboard yet.” The sticking point, however, was with Harrison. “George was already in a lot of hot water with John because of George releasing his autobiography and not really mentioning much of John in it,” Mr Douglas said. “But I think they assumed that George would come along as soon as the thing got going.” (Times Online)

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