Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Of course the bill is laughable, unconstitutional, and will never be approved."

What bill, you ask? Why, the bill that makes it illegal for someone in the town of Biritiba Mirim, Brazil, to die. It appears that there are no more available gravesites in the cemetery.
The bill states that "offenders will be held responsible for their acts". However, it does not say what the punishment will be. (BBC News)
Let's assume that it won't be capital punishment.


  1. Are you for real about Tookie? Do you think that the death penalty is just? If so, what happened to the new testament? The blood of Christ? His Mercy? There is no doubt that Tookie deserved to be held in captivity for the rest of his life, but an 'eye for an eye' was extinguished when Jesus took our place on the cross. Christians can't have it both ways, we can't be against abortion and for the death penalty!

  2. D.: I assume you are referring to the comment I made about your posting on Tookie on your blog. In which case, I'm in agreement with what both Ken and Brenda said there, especially in regards to the distinctions between abortion and capital punishment. The blood of Christ covers all of our sin and therefore makes us worthy to be with Him in eternity, but that doesn't mean that we can escape any legal and/or earthly consequences of our actions.