Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Should Christians "celebrate" Kwanzaa?

Christian blogger LaShawn Barber gives her opinion here. If you want the quick-and-skinny on her posting without having to go to her site, then read:
Kwanzaa is not an innocuous celebration of black history. It attempts to spiritualize that history, replacing Christ-centered theology with pagan principles. For Christians, the only principles by which to live are found in God’s word, the Bible.

Pagans have argued that Christ was not born on December 25. Insignificant. While no one knows exactly when Christ was born, the fact remains that He was born. Christmas is a time for Christians to celebrate this joyous fact.

Christ became a man to save men, not to lift up one race or culture in worship. As with any man-made religion, Kwanzaa is just another attempt to make gods of men. All Christians must be discerning when faced with these false doctrines.

The Fall of Man was the direct result of our determination to become gods. The pagan ritual of Kwanzaa is merely the old Lie wearing a new disguise.

UPDATE: Religion Link offers more links about Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa has an official site.


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  2. Mr. Bowen: Thanks for leaving a comment, but since you decided to do the un-Christian and un-civil thing by calling me a name, I've deleted it. Your statements bring up interesting points which I considered giving a reply to, but until you can give an argument in a more civil way without calling me by some name, I won't take the time to reply.

    I considered linking to you to give an alternative "Christian" view of Kwanzaa (and since you claim to be *there* at Kwanzaa's founding), but I won't.