Sunday, January 1, 2006

The First Day of 2006

What did I do? Let's see if I can break it down for you.

12:00 am - Walk in to work - I get to start the year off at work! Fortune's wheel has turned my way!
2:00 am - Meet with an 11yo girl whose parents brought her in kicking & screaming
2:01 am - Meet with the girl's mom since the girl refused to talk to me
2:50 am - Watch the parents as they leave with their girl
3:45 am - Take several mini-naps, even though I'm tryin hard to stay awake
7:00 am - Watch a severely mentally retarded man come into the hospital almost completely nude (him - n0t me)
7:04 am - Admit the guy into a hospital
8:30 am - Leave work to go home
8:35 am - Notice that the streets are nearly empty for a Sunday morning
9:00 am - Arrive home to find everyone asleep
9:45 am - Children wake up - I feed them breakfast since wife still sleeps
11:00 am - Wife awakens from her lair (our bedroom)
11:50 am - Pick up ingredients from grocery store since wife in mood to make buckeyes
12:00 pm - Pick up ordered food from TGI Friday's (thank goodness they're open today!)
3:00 pm - Lay down for nap while 1st daughter watches cartoons
5:30 pm - Awakened by 1st and 2nd daughters - stay awake to spend more time with them
6:00 pm - Return to bed - and to sleep
10:08 pm - Wake up, realize that alarm was set but never turned 'on'
10:59 pm - Leave for work
11:20 pm - Arrive at work to lobby packed with patients

I can't remember the last time the wife and I 'celebrated' on New Year's. I believe we went to an actual party one time, but that was ages ago. After we started having offspring, we've usually spent the evening at home. One year we feel asleep hours before the Waterford crystal ball dropped at Times Square. Ah, well, p'raps next time...

UPDATED: It would probably help you to know that I work as a crisis therapist at a hospital in central Indiana. I typically see persons who are suicidal, but occasionally see someone with psychotic symptoms.

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  1. A day in the life...very nice. I enjoyed it! Thanks for the peak into your world! I guess as I type this (11:00-ish pm,) you're getting up and getting ready to go to work. Have you been doing that shift long? Any health problems as a result? Just wondering.