Monday, January 9, 2006

He's there, inside your mind

Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of The Opera" has now surpassed "Cats" as the longest running musical on Broadway. (Fffffttt... Down, kitty, down!) It opened in London in 1986, and won seven Tony awards in 1988. Webber's ex-wife, Sarah Brightman, was in the original cast.
"It's overwhelming," Webber told Reuters. "I must confess when I realized how 'Cats' was going I did say to all my friends, 'You realize that something like this could not happen again,' and then, of course, 'Phantom' happened." (Yahoo! News)

I've been able to see a few musicals over the years (if you get the chance to see "Miss Saigon," don't go), but I'd have to say that overall, "Phantom" was the best. The wife and I saw it in Columbus, Ohio, before we were married. Even though we sat in the 2nd balcony, we were able to see everything on stage. Quite an experience.

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