Wednesday, February 1, 2006

78th Oscars nominations

Here is the listing. Lots of politically-oriented films in the pack, whether the politics be that of race, sexual orientation, or government official's actions.

No surprise that "Brokeback Mountain" received the most nominations - it seems a shoo-in for Best Picture at this point, but I hope that "Crash" takes the top prize. Terrence Howard took Russell Crowe's presumed spot (if only Russell hadn't thrown that phone...) - that's okay, I liked Terrence a lot in "Crash." If Paul Giamatti doesn't win, the actor who does better act like Ving Rhames and give their golden guy to him.

Of all the films nominated for an award, I've seen "Crash", "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "The Constant Gardner", "War of the Worlds", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith", and "Batman Begins." Wow - looking at this list, I realize that these are all the films that I saw that came out in 2005. Am I good at picking Oscar-nominated films, or what?

I' ve been wanting to see these films, and not necessarily because they've been nominated: "Good Night, and Good Luck", "Munich", "Capote", "Walk the Line", and "March of the Penguins."

UPDATED: If you don't remember, Ving Rhames famously gave his 1998 Golden Globe for "Don King: Only in America" to Jack Lemmon.


  1. Thought a married guy with children didn't have time to go to the movies!