Tuesday, February 21, 2006

not one Olympic star, but a plethora

I enjoy reading Mike Celzic's MSNBC.com commentaries on the Olympics, especially this one on the lack of American "star" athletes in Torino.

But, Mike, do we only need one star athlete? So far we have seven gold medalists, five silver medalists and three bronze medalists. Many of them have interesting stories and backgrounds, including Shani Davis who became the first black person to win gold. Speed skater Joey Cheek, probably the Olympian I admire most right now because of his generosity, has won gold and silver. We have a medal in ice dancing for the first time in many years, thanks in part to so many pairs from other countries deciding to try and win by falling down. The guy with the coolest nickname, Flying Tomato, won gold in the men's halfpipe. Why can't we celebrate all our Olympians?

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