Thursday, February 2, 2006

Notable posts

A new feature here at Good Brownie will be to offer links to postings from other bloggers that I find particularly useful (in some fashion or another), intriguing, or downright funny. I've offered links to other people's writings before, but I decided that this format would be better than just individual posts that say, "Look at what this dude/chick is saying!" - I may still do that from time to time, so please don't stone me if I do. Check them out and let me know what you think.

- Al Mohler on reading books

- Joe Carter discusses why Kanye West's cover on the latest Rolling Stone is certainly no new attempt by a rapper at being "controversial"

- the folks at blogs4God may be able to give you a good offer on "The Mega Church Game"

- Christian recording artist Steve Camp (who wrote and performed one of my favorite songs, "He's All You Need") relays the importance of not being "stupid"

- Arnold Kling wonders if blogging is just a fad

- Kevin Bauder on the idea of fundamentalism; he follows it up with fundamental doctrines

- The Vodkapundit on the Democratic "Four-K's": Kennedy, Kerry, Kos, and Kaine

- Jonathan Moorhead wants to know if you are certain of your salvation (if you're a Christian, that is)

- After running 23 kazillion different blog sites at once, my nephew-in-law finally settles on one he likes

UPDATE: Since I've blogged about the whole James Frey thing many posts back, I've got to include a link to Mark D. Roberts' relationship to the controversy

- Daryl Wingerd gives a devastating critique of Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now


  1. Don't mess with me brownie boy. Your getting old and I think I can take you ....

  2. Matt thanks for the link. I would love your input on my "pushing the envelope" (so it is said).