Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some quickie observations on the shooting Veep, Torino/Turin, and other things

Let's see...

1. Cheney won't resign just because he shot someone. Maybe if the guy expires...

2. I need to be hitting the gym more often, especially since I'm about to enter the second half of my 30's.

3. Even if Bode doesn't win any medals, he's still a better skier than most anyone out there. Except perhaps Ted Ligety.

4. The regular commentors at Kos will probably never stop thinking that their arguments become stronger if they use more curse words. Of course, many of them think that a single curse word is an argument.

5. I don't care if he won Best in Show - he's ugly.

6. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays there, but go to Chicago to feel magnificent.

7. A child screaming all morning does not make one a happy parent.

8. Whatever you do, be wary of this man and this "movement"

9. Uh, Begala? Milbank beat you to it.

10. We don't need this - one was too much, thank you.

11. He's weird, yes, but Johnny was good and he's in second place. Not bad, not bad...

12. Go, Kelly! Go, Kelly!

13. Out: politics of dancing // In: politics of baking

14. Out: gay cowboys // In: gay Muslims

15. The shroud of Turin isn't real but the shred of Turin is!

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