Monday, February 13, 2006

Torino 2006

Okay, I'm a little late about this since the Olympics officially began a few days ago, but I always watch them. I wasn't able to see all of the opening ceremonies, but it seemed to have the usual weirdness - acrobats flying through the air, supposedly inspirational songs performed poorly, etc.

Hooray for the Flying Tomato! Make all the other fruits jealous...

Oh no, Ohno! My favorite athlete from SLC 2002, largely because of his name, failed to make the speed skating finals of the 1,500 meters. Ah well, he has three events left.

Is Bode all talk and no action? Perhaps, but I think Mike Celizic goes too far in saying Bode's a bum. He did place fifth, which is nothing to sneeze at.

I was disappointed to hear of the sad end to Michelle Kwan's Olympic dreams. I have admired her grace and beauty on the ice (The Wife makes me watch it with her), and Kwan has had an impressive career. She will now not be able to obtain that elusive prize, Olympic gold. Of course, she had her chances in Nagano and Salt Lake City, but she failed to capitalize on them. Good luck to Emily Hughes!

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