Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome, Centuri0n readers

Wow - a post from Frank Turk mentioning little ol' me and I get an increase in traffic. Whoever has wandered here from Cent's site, I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

Cent mentions Blogdom of God - go here and you'll see that currently he is #201 and I'm #202. I'm not just creeping up on him, I'm tapping him on the shoulder. He talks about the folks at RELEVANT being head of him (us), but I thought Cent would be more upset about the iMonk being #59. Ah, well...

SOMEWHAT RELATED: I'm a Large Mammal in the ecosystem. We'll see how long it lasts... give it a week and I'll go down to Slimy Mollusc again.


  1. Yeah, I don't get it, Brownie. Technorati says you have half the inbound links that I do. You must be nicer than me -- TTLB tends to favor the nice.

    The iMonk thing is life -- he's been around for years and has a loyal following of people. All one can do is keep pointing out he's not the kind of person one ought to take spiritual advice from and move on.

    My link is going to bump you ahead of me for 7 days, so remember the little people when you're a BBOB (big blob on the blogosphere).

    Last thing: it's "cent" or "Frank". Only people whop think I hate them call me Mr. Turk.

  2. Cent: I will call you "Cent" from now on then. :)

    Technorati/TTLB have such bizarre ranking systems - their numbers don't correspond with each other, and I believe you've noted that on your blog as well. I've gone to sites where Technorati says that I have a link, and I am mentioned nowhere on them. I'm a "Large Mammal," and yet I average maybe 15-20 visitors daily - I just don't get it. I've joined different groups like Blogdom of God and The Alliance, and I believe TTLB counts those as links, so that's why my number is so high.

    I read iMonk on a sporadic basis, and I take what he says with several large grains of salt. He seems to have too much, I don't know, respect for Roman Catholic beliefs. I don't visit the BHT - I've tried to make sense out of what's written there, but it gives me a massive headache.

  3. That's called a hangover. Happens in taverns.