Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Wife on blogging

The Wife and I went to see Harrison Ford's new flick "Firewall" the other day. (Wait for the DVD - it's great to see Harrison in film, but the movie is so been there, done that - he needs to be in a serious drama, and I don't mean one like this). We were watching the previews, and a screen snapshot came on which read that Coca-Cola has a blogsite.

The Wife turned to me and asked, "Who in the world would have a blog and presume to think that other people would be interested in what they have to say?"

I told her, "I have a blog."

The Wife glared at me. I imagine she would have given me the same look if I had said to her, "You know, sometimes I like to go out to the backyard, pick up worms from the flower garden, and saute them with some nice chardonnay."

I continued. "I thought I told you once that I had one. [Several family members] all have one. I have a few readers."

The Wife replied, "No, you didn't tell me, and that doesn't change my opinion of them."



  1. A man is never king in his own land.

  2. Doug: Very true. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment!

  3. I like your blog (and by the way, nice artsy picture on the top right...is that a picture of you or the cabinetry?). I think we in the blogging community have to stay together. We have to check on eachother's work everyonce in a while and leave comments like this so we know that the other is out there. You go Blogger Matt!

    Blogger Brian

  4. :) I just noticed that your template is just like mine. Oh, back to my comment...

    My husband doesn't read my blog either and has the opinion that blog reading/writing is a time waster. Now that I think of it, most of my readers probably don't know me personally at all!

    I guess we all need to stick together!

  5. So I'm not alone then! My fantasy is that my wife notices my blog in an unrelated Google search, visits it, and says, "Wow! I didn't realize that's what you were up to. Pretty interesting stuff." (At least my mother reads me.)