Monday, February 27, 2006

Winter Olympics XX

The games in Torino are now history - on to Vancouver! For some wrap-ups, visit the BBC News site and WaPo. The United States completed the games with 25 medals: nine gold, nine silver, and seven bronze. Germany was the most decorated country with 29 medals. The host country of Italy had eleven medals, five gold and six bronze.

Many of the medal-winning U.S. Olympians have their own websites:
The U.S. had nine less medals than it did four years ago at the Salt Lake City (2002) games, but had twelve more medals than it did eight years ago at the Nagano (1998) games and twelve years ago at the Lillehammer (1994) games.

UPDATE: Tomato - congrats on making the cover of Rolling Stone (does anyone really read it anymore?), but you should have left your shirt on.

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