Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Next Blog

Occasionally - okay, rarely - I feel the need for some added excitement in my life, and so I decide to click the "next blog" button that is at the top of all Blogger user's page. You know the button, the one that sends you to some random blog, usually one that you wouldn't read if you had all the time in the world but you've been sent there anyway, so what the hey. I've had people come here because they decided to take a risk and hit "next blog," so it's nice. But, as I said, it's a risky little game to play because you might go to a site that was specifically designed to sell something, like Cialis or homes obtained from foreclosures. Be wary, though - I've gone to (and quickly left) a site that had pictures of - shall we say - women in various stages of (un)dress.

Most sites are filled with snippets of people's personal lives. Some people seem to live for the ability to type in whatever is on their mind, even if they don't know a thing about grammar or they aren't aware that Blogger has a Check Spelling key (I've only recently become aware of that).

Just know that if you decide to click "Next Blog," total gibberish is what you might find.

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