Sunday, March 19, 2006

Notable Posts

Smart Christian brands a new word: emergentising

LaShawn Barber discusses her 9 lives

Tim Challies buys the same toys for his kids that I do for mine

Jan writes about one of the great mysteries in life (to men, at least)

Richard L. Cohen on (not) having a free zone

Pastor Mark Daniels reminds us of what servants do

Brian Orme wonders if email spam came true

Dr. Al Mohler has an addiction (don't worry - many people have it)


  1. Hey Matt, thanks for the plug!
    j a n
    p.s. LOVE your photo...I wonder if, like me, it means you are right-brained? :-)

  2. Jan: Thanks for stopping by! About the photo - that unintentionally happened. When you go to the profile, you will see my photo as I put it in the computer. When it pops up on my main page, I'm spliced in half. However, I like the effect.

  3. Matt: Thanks so much for the link!