Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"I was amazed that it hadn't changed at all."

In November 1962, Lance Nesta received a fruitcake from his two aunts while he was stationed with the Army in Alaska. Like so many people who receive such a gift, he opted not to indulge but set it aside. While going through the attic in his mother's home over 43 years later, he discovered the fruitcake.

He reminisced about receiving the fruitcake:
"I opened it up and didn't know what to do with it," Nesta said. "I sure wasn't going to eat it, and I liked my fellow soldiers too much to share it with them."

As best he can remember, he packed the cake with the rest of his belongings and shipped it home to Waukesha when he left the military a few years later. He recently rediscovered the boxed fruitcake in the attic of his mother's home in Waukesha. (AP)
I would have just re-gifted it. Isn't that what everyone does with fruitcakes?

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