Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"The Da Vinci Code"

Even though critics at the Cannes Film Festival grew restless while watching it (more about that here), "The Da Vinci Code" will be #1 this weekend at the box office, though its difficult to tell how much money it will make. "Mission: Impossible III" made some good numbers two weeks ago, but didn't do as well as expected. Will "TDVC" be the same way? That remains to be seen.

I have two books by Dan Brown on my bookshelf: the one on which the movie is based, and Angels & Demons. A&D features the first literary appearance of Robert Langdon, the "hero" of TDVC, and has a similar style to its more famous sibling: small chapters (most have a cliffhanger-type ending) and conspiracy theories surrounding the Catholic Church.

Many people are blogging about this movie, but you really only need to look at one blog to get a Christian perspective on the controversy - this one. Also, this article and the links that follow in the online Christianity Today will give you even more info.

Addition: Hmmm.... I don't think I can like Gandalf as much after reading this.

Addition 2: My friend Brian, whose piano playing I sorely miss, has some good points here.

Mark, although using some different words, essentially says the same thing as Brian.


  1. Well, as for the Gandalf/Ian thing, I am not surprised. He is consistently outspoken in his hatred of most things Biblical.

  2. Sojourner: Thanks for stopping by! I like the pics on your site - you appear to be listening to a fish in one pic, and I've always thought, "What is it saying to him?"