Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"I made up some sneaky ways of wiping my nose without making it look like I was wiping my nose."

Allergies can be so terrible... and embarrassing. Aryeh Friedman, a real estate lender, describes how he handles allergies: "... making a fake cough as an excuse to get your hand up toward your nose a little bit, or leaning down to fix your shoe and turning your head to wipe."

Hay fever can be a special problem.
A hay fever sufferer, Steven McBride, owner of VisualMax, an interactive marketing company, found himself lost and "winging it" during a conference call with a client. "I was bridging over from Allegra to Zyrtec because the Allegra wasn't working," Mr. McBride said. "I was also taking Sudafed for nasal decongestion. It's a mixture that doesn't let you sleep well and cuts into concentration."

Don't you feel embarrassed for the poor woman in the picture? For her sneezing, I mean, not for her unfortunate hairdo.

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