Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's almost here....

The season finale of Lost.

Will you watch?

I'm personally hoping that (1) the Smoke Monster makes an appearance and (2) he discusses all the reasons why Chris Daughtry should have been up against Taylor in the finals.

Addition: I just got off the phone with ole Smokey, and he, like, totally thinks that Taylor has it in the bag.


  1. Matt, my husband and I got hooked on "Lost" when my son gave my husband the first season on DVD as a birthday gift. We had never paid much attention to it before, but we devoured the DVD's and are now huge fans.

    Then we decided NOT to watch any of the second season until it comes out on DVD, so we are studiously avoiding the show, and any spoilers that may come along.

    Watching TV shows on DVD is SO the way to go. No commercials...no suspenseful waiting from week to week to see what happens! I'm thinking of doing the same thing with "24" and "Alias," which I've never really watched either.

  2. I have no idea what will happen for sure, but I'm thinking that Desmond is on the sailboat. And, I also think that the Reformed Brethren on the island, who up to this point have been silent, will finally point out that Eco is a heretic. When they find out that he has actually had no seminary training, they will immediately form one to help the brother.

  3. I will definately skip church to watch Lost this week! Actually, I won't skip it entirely, I have to lead worship but after that I'm out! I actually think it should be Chris and Kathyrn in the finals instead of Taylor! I'll be watching tonight, but I guess I'll just watch the results during the commercials of Lost as usual as American Idol and Lost are usually close in importance. However this week, Lost is the winner!