Thursday, June 29, 2006

hunka, hunka burnin' flag

The Senate did not approve a vote on a constitutional flag-burning amendment. I have to say that I like Doug's sentiments on this.

I've always thought it funny, though, that people argue the act of burning the flag is something that is protected as free speech. I guess that burning the flag is a symbolic way to protest something, and is stronger than just saying, "I don't like [insert here] about America!"


Wow. I'm shocked. I've posted what is probably my explosive thing to date, and no reaction from any kind of Peanut Gallery. Maybe I need to make a clearer statement: While I myself have never participated in flag-burning and would never do it, I think it's patently ridiculous that some Americans believe it is patriotic to make a constitutional amendment against flag-burning.

There. Let's see if anything happens now....


  1. Nothing from the peanut gallery. I like to think Americans generally understand that the flag symbolizes an America that values freedom of speech so much it allows the flag to be burned as political speech.

  2. Doug: I agree with you, Doug, but that's the strange thing about this. Can you identify another act that could be considered as something protected by free speech?