Thursday, June 8, 2006

"I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much."

Oh, Ann.

Ann, Ann, Ann.

I think we've had enough of your antics. You started out well - really, you did - with your book about the Clintons. But as time has passed, your statements have become increasingly full of vinegar and bile. You may have some useful and constructive things to say (like this, which is spot on), but it's hard to overlook all the crazy statements about your desire to see people tortured and hauled off to Gitmo. And now, we have this. All because you have a new book out, which you made no bones about in this bizarre piece. You have Hillary talking about you - but maybe that's been your goal all along, to get important people to talk about you. You even went on Today - which is now without Katie "Eva Braun" Couric - and called Matt Lauer "testy"! (Don't you know that he's not testy but "glib?" Go talk to Tom Cruise and he'll set you straight...)

Allow me to humbly offer some bit of advice.

You seem to have a respect for - if not downright love of - the Bible, and that is to your credit. You quote from it, and that's good. However, the better thing to do would be to abide by what the Bible says, not just recite what it says. Maybe you should peruse over Ecclesiastes 3, and pay special attention to what the Preacher says in verse 7 about there being a time for silence.

That might work for you, too. Heaven knows you've been talking enough lately.

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