Monday, July 3, 2006

"I’ve spent much of my youth and adult life being embarrassed by Christians."

Pastor John Hay argues that if you're going to call yourself a Christian, you need to act like Jesus Christ. Read more here.
Quite a few Christians have given up on being like Jesus. They are settling for respectable religion. Many are getting into culture Christianity, which is, in fact, civil religion--and insidiously idolatrous. Others unwittingly use Christianity and the church to maintain family traditions and “values” without being measurably moved by the call to radical faith. And in myriad ways folks keep trying to fit Jesus into their secular lifestyles, world-shaped agendas, family plans, career interests, personal priorities, and unholy purposes. None of this reflects the Jesus of Scriptures or the costly grace that makes godliness in this life possible, clear, and accessible. For all our resignation or misguiding, the Scriptures nonetheless describe Christlikeness or godliness (use these terms interchangeably) as the way and the goal of being fully human.

He concludes with four questions to answer:

1. "What have I done intentionally in the past 7 days that reflects the character of Jesus Christ?"

2. "What am I doing/can I do with purpose and discipline each week that cultivates Christlikeness in me?"

3. "How am I challenging or countering the routines, influences, messages, and patterns that tend to squeeze me into the world’s mold?"

4. . "Am I ready and willing to put myself in the places where God’s grace can form me into the likeness of Jesus?"

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