Monday, August 21, 2006

bloggers in Wikipedia

So... I was wandering through Wikipedia. I stumbled upon the section under blogging, and I found a list of American bloggers. (See? It's right here if you must look.) Some of the names on there are unsurprising because they've hit it big in the blogosphere (for whatever that is worth), for both understandable and non-understandable reasons. Some of them are called "bloggers" because they contribute to Huffington Post, not because they have their own blogsite.
I did find some names that were intriguing.
  • Dafydd ab Hugh: He's a science fiction author, and has penned several entries into the Star Trek series of novels. His blog is called Big Lizards.
  • Anne Abernathy: She competed in her sixth Olympics this year at Torino, and her nickname is "Grandma Luge." Her blog, Grandma Luge, hasn't been updated since 4/21/06.
  • Dave Barry: Yes, he is the columnist from Miami Herald that you've heard tell of. I envy him for both his writing ability and his house location, but not for his age (he'll be sixty on his next birthday). His blog is here.
  • Jerry Brown: Once upon a time, he was the governor of California and a seeker of the presidency, but now he's just the mayor of Oakland, Cali. His blog hasn't been updated since October 2005. For shame, Mayor Brown!
  • Bruce Eisner: Yah! A fellow psych major! His blog is called Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing.
  • Brian Flemming: He's a documentary filmmaker, known mostly for The God Who Wasn't There. He had an interesting debate with blogger Frank Turk, aka Centuri0n. Flemming's blog is here.
  • Joshua Harris: He once kissed dating goodbye, now he pastors a church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His blog is named after him.
  • Charles Foster Johnson: He's a jazz musician. He also runs this tiny blog no one ever visits.
  • Al-Muhajabah: She's also known as Laura Poyneer. She's Muslim, and she has three blogs.
  • Ben Roethlisberger: When he's not winning Super Bowls or getting into motorcycle wrecks, he blogs.

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