Wednesday, August 9, 2006

house inspection

Today we met with Mike the realtor and Tom the inspector to take an inspector tour of our new house. Tom said that everything appeared to be in great condition and he saw no major problems in the house. Only one family has lived in the house since it was built in 1957, and they took very good care of it - I believe the last person in the family passed away late last year, and the house has been held in estate since then. The only thing to fix is one of the two baseboard heating units in our living room.

The only work we have to do for the house is cosmetic/aesthetic work. Most of the walls have been painted a power-blue hue, so we will paint over that with a yellow-buttercream paint. We'll be ripping up the pink carpet to reveal the wood underneath. The backyard has many overgrown plants. We want to make a few changes to the cabinets in the kitchen so it doesn't look like it's 1974 in there.

I hope to put up a few "before" pictures of the house so you can see the work we have to do. Stay tuned!

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