Monday, September 11, 2006

does he really have to fall down anymore?

Congratulations to Roger Federer, who earned his 9th overall Grand Slam title yesterday with his third consecutive U.S. Open win. He beat Andy Roddick in four sets, taking the first, third, and fourth sets. Roddick, who hasn't had the best year, is to be commended for being the U.S. Open finalist - he had a little help from tennis legend Jimmy Conners, who knows a thing or two about winning in New York in September.

After claiming the championship, Federer fell to the ground. Come on, Roger - you don't have to fall down. You've won enough championships to just smile and acknowledge the crowd. You don't need to act like I can't believe I just won anymore. You have won NINE championships so far, and three of them were this year.

Congrats also to Maria Sharapova for beating Justine Henin-Hardenne in straight sets to claim the Open title. She's no one-hit wonder anymore.

UPDATE: As of U.S. Open 2007, Federer has won 12 Slam titles. The dude still fell down.

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