Monday, October 2, 2006


Perfect, so far. All you doubters thought the Jets had them with that 103-yard touchdown, didn't you? Three words: Peyton. Has. Skills. (At least in the regular season - the playoffs are another matter...)

No longer perfect:
  • Bengals (spanked hard enough to make waves in the Ohio River!)
  • Seahawks (spanked so hard the Space Needle nearly fell over!!!)

To the family members that stop by this blog: you knew I'd be posting on this, didn't you?

More: If you are a Colts fan, check out the fan site Stampede Blue.


  1. Yes it was a sad night last night, Dustin is still depressed!

  2. What depresses me right now, Leah, is the fact that no one else in the family - not your husband, not my sister who isn't your mom, not my neice who's pregnant right now - has stopped by to leave comments for me. Are they all so stunned that they aren't going to say anything?