Wednesday, October 4, 2006

are you ready?

Next episode: A Tale of Two Cities Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are held in unique circumstances by the mysterious "Others" as they are now prisoners in their camp. Meanwhile, back on the beach, a struggle for leadership and direction begins as Hurley makes his way back home with bad news about the other members being captured. Lastly, flashbacks reveal more about Jack's past with his father and Sarah.

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Update: Yes, I certainly did watch the season premiere. The first five minutes of the show were every bit as mesmerizing and great as the critics raved. Some questions answered (where do The Others live, and are they really so primitive? did the Dharma Initiative build anything more substantial on the island beyond a few underground hatches? what is NotHenry's real name?), but many remain.


  1. I like that they kinda duplicated the opener to last season's opener. The biggest question is are the others evil? My guess is that we'll find out they are not and they will end the season with the crash victims and the others having a Woodstock-style music and love fest.

  2. The season premiere definately did not dissapoint! New shows I'm intriqued by: Heroes (probably my favorite new one,) Jericho,
    6 degrees, oh and The Nine premiere was crazy! What the heck happened in there? Can't wait to see more of that one!

  3. I found the 'judgment' motiff interesting. At least, I saw it in Julie(?) opening "the book" that contained all of Jack's life. When confronted with it, he broke down and wept. Interesting.