Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Every one of us felt overwhelmed in every role."

Facing the Giants appears to be the little-independent-film-made-by-Christians that could. It has made $2.7 million in ten days. And, it has received some notice from this article in the Washington Post.

Has anyone seen it? Has anyone else heard of it? I just don't visit the movie theatre that often these days, and I'm not especially inclined to see yet another high school football movie when there's been several (like Remember the Titans) in recent years, and even a TV show (Friday Night Lights, which was a movie a few years ago). If you go to the Internet Movie Data Base, you will see that some people have made comments on how the film might be "too religious." How can a film be "too religious?" Please - that's a little like saying The Birdcage was "too gay."

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, how funny is it that the show airs on Tuesdays instead of the night you think it would? Oh, that's right - everybody's actually at a high school football game on that night, and so nobody would be home to watch the show.


  1. I know something about the movie since my brothers are the ones that made it. :) It's the result of a Barna Survey that indicated that movies and TV are more influential than the pulpit. My brothers asked their church in Albany, GA to join them in making a movie that would bring glory to God and open doors to evangelism in their local community. "Facing the Giants" and the prior movie "Flywheel" were entirely cast and staffed with the church members. A small team of five professionals was hired (also Christians) to hold a "boot camp" in movie making. "Facing the Giants" was picked up by Sony Pictures after they were impressed by both the story and the quality of the production. Go watch the movie and read about how it was made! It's a great example of people on fire for Jesus and doing something about it!

    Shannon Kendrick

  2. Wow, where else can a post about a movie be a made and the sister of the star shows up to comment on it.

    Here's the Carnival of Facing the Giants which has lot of good infomration on the movie.

  3. I heard that the church's music guy got to do the score. Now THAT sounds like a cool gig! Church music on Sundays, movie scoring the rest of the time!

  4. Does this mean my ambition of being a movie star and a preacher could possibly be realized in the future without becoming a cheesy TV evangelist?