Monday, October 9, 2006

teens leaving the faith (?)

This article, about the significant number of teenagers leaving the church in which they grew up, raises many questions.
  • Is 4% an accurate number?
  • Are the teens really leaving the faith in general, or just their church's view of it?
  • Is entertainment - through magazines, movies, or rock concerts - the way to reach teens today, or should there be something more profound at work?
  • If the teens are leaving, how do we know that they won't someday return?
  • In Matthew 7, Jesus discusses the narrow gate that leads to life, and on how few people find it. If a great many teens turn away from Jesus and His message, should we really be shocked by it?
  • If we believe that God is in control, and everything happens according to His purposes, do we truly have a reason to panic?

Mollie at Get Religion has more about this, which you can read here.


  1. perhaps we are preaching the wrong message.

  2. An intriguing thought, Adam. What message SHOULD we be preaching?