Friday, October 27, 2006

this is where I am right now

I know, I know... some of you are looking at the title of this post and thinking, "oh, man, Brownie's gonna commit one of the more deadly blogging sins - talking to us about where he is and what he's doing... like we even care." Some of you may be even ready to push that "Next blog" button near the top of your screen, but of course you're likely to arrive at a blog in which the writer focuses solely on what (s)he had to eat for the day. So, you might as well stay here for the moment.

Are you tired of all the political ads you've seen, and you're so ready for the first Tuesday in November to come and go? I certainly am. Almost every other ad on TV is for two specific races: Marion County prosecutor (which engulfs the Indianapolis area) and the 9th congressional district of Indiana. Republican Carl Brizzi, the current county prosecutor, is running a campaign of "experience" against his Democratic opponent Melina Kennedy, who hasn't prosecuted a single criminal but she wants the job anyway. "Millionaire" - and Republican incumbent - Mike Sodrel is running to keep his seat in the House, hoping to keep Democrat Baron Hill from taking back the seat he held for three terms.

Brizzi's ads initially focused on the work he did as prosecutor. He has obtained a 57% conviction rate, which equals the national average. So, Brizzi is doing as well as most other county prosecutors are doing. More recently, though, Brizzi ads have been "warm and fuzzy," featuring his wife and children - and what appears to be a dream kitchen - with him as he talks about his desire to protect others. Kennedy's ads seem to say that it doesn't matter whether she has experience or not, it only matters that Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson wants her to have the job, too.

Sodrel won his seat two years ago by taking it from the incumbent, Democrat Baron Hill. Sodrel's ads paint Hill as some type of flaming liberal, apparently voting to have abortions paid for with tax dollars and to put a violent video game into every child's home. Hill believes that being a millionaire is a big negative for Sodrel, and that a "change" is warranted, even though that "change" involves voting in a guy who already had the job for six years and was turned out in 2004.

So tiring...

We are staying with the in-law's in Danville, Illlinois, for the weekend. The Cute One's second birthday is in a few days, but we'll be celebrating it with The Wife's family tomorrow evening. We'll return home Sunday afternoon.

1 tall Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks
1 chocolate cream cheese muffin from Starbucks
Several pretzel sticks
Several Colby cheese cubes
1/2 turtle cheesecake from Fazoli's (from Thursday night's dinner)
Several glasses of Classsic Coca-Cola
1 Whopper Jr. from Burger King
Two chicken nuggets from Burger King
2 homemade soft tacos, made by The Mother-in-law
2 oatmeal rasin cookies and a brownie

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