Monday, December 11, 2006

2006 [best/worst of] lists *UPDATED*

I love lists, especially the ones that come at the end of a year with a ranking of "best" and "worst." This post will keep track of lists that I've found; it will be updated periodically. No commentary - in this post, at least - will be given on the merits of the lists. If you've seen any that aren't here, please let me know.

10 Best Books of 2006 (NY Times)
Top Ten Books of 2006 (Books and Culture)
2006 LAFCA Awards
Stephen King's Top Music Picks for 2006 (Entertainment Weekly)
The CD's of '06 (Philadelphia Inquirer)
AFI Awards 2006
Best Cars 2006 (CNN Money)
World's Best Awards 2006 (Travel + Leisure)
Best WiFi Hotels 2006 (HotelChatter)
Best Mistakes of 2006 (

Best Inventions 2006 (Time)

2006's Worst Political Mishaps (c/net news)
World's Worst Polluted Places 2006 (Blacksmith Institute)
Whoppers of 2006 (
Worst WiFi Hotels 2006 (HotelChatter)
Worst American Cars 2006 (Forbes)

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  1. Well, a least I've read one of the ten books.

    Great idea for a reoccuring thread, look forward to the updates.