Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the TTLB, Frank, & me

True confessions time: I like looking at my blogging stats. I know, I know... it's a certain sign of vanity, to be mindful of which people are coming to the blog, who's linking to the blog, and so-on and so-forth. But --- I can't help myself.

Of all the stat-tracking sites, I like the TTLB ecosystem the best. I'm currently ranked as #2174, which puts me in the Adorable Little Rodent camp. Under the "Incoming Links" camp, I've received 5 links from Mark Daniels, 2 links from three folks (Mark Byron, Neumatikos, Right Truth), and just 1 link (on their blogroll, I assume) from 199 people.

Frank Turk, AKA Centuri0n whose blog is ...and his minister's a flame of fire, is currently ranked as #1716, putting him in the camp of Marauding Marsupial. Under his "Inbound Links" section, he has 200 links listed, meaning that 200 sites have linked to his. 37 of these sites have more than 1 link, meaning that not only is Frank on these sites' blogroll, he's also been linked within their postings. Under this section, I am #4 with 7 separate links - Blogdom of God has 16 links, Carla Rolfe has 8 (not a suprise, since she's one of his "sidekicks"), and the folks at Boars Head Tavern are tied with me at 7 (this seems on the surface to be a suprise, since Frank has had some skirmishes with the Tavern-ites, but it's not really). Pyromaniacs, a group blog to which Frank makes frequent contributions, is at #9 with only 5 links. Bizarre, no? I've linked to Frank 2 more times than his group blog...

BTW --- Frank is #1 under my "Outbounds Links" ranking, with Joe Carter (a Mortal Human) at #2 with 6 links.


  1. HA! I look at my stats all the time. It may be vanity...but it's probably also insecurity, at least in my case. Nonetheless, it's cool to see how many people read the blog and how they got there. (Most of my visitors get there via Google.)

    You have a blog well worth visiting, Matt!


  2. Thanks, Pastor Mark! I always enjoy perusing your blog.

  3. I have no idea what this all means, yet somehow I took the time to read it entirely!

  4. I am a Slimy Mollusk, which gives me great hope for the future. My true talent will not be discovered until I'm dead, and so by God's grace I will be kept from pride while I am living.

    It can't be that I'm just uninteresting.

  5. Brownie -- you punk.

    Let me say a couple of things for you:

    [1] I don't need no steenkin' links from Phil Johnson. He buys me lunch.

    [2] You know factually that I am a hopeless lover of myself, but isn't it a little bit underhanded to play on a team blog in order to link to one's self? It seems so to me. Call it a moment of weakness.

    [3] I don't blog spot, but if I did, I'd link to this post. It's the best bit of sucking up to me posted in a long time, and you should shame my sidekicks for their slackery.

    Nice job. Keep the faith.


    I'm sorry, but you are, in fact, a slimey mollusk. Your state convention office confirmed this for me, but they swear it is because half your parish in LA is still under water, and because you are a Calvinist. You can decide for yourself which makes you slimey and which makes you a mollusk.

  6. Link what now? Link who now?


    Keep rockin' Matt!

  7. Frank: I knew - I knew - that one day I'd get you to leave a comment for me again. And, now I have. Tee-hee.

    Brad: No, you are not "uninteresting." Being a slimy mollusk is part of your charm.