Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apostle Paul

La Shawn Barber has a great post on the apostle Paul, in which she links to the recent story about the possibility of his bones being discovered.
His letter to the Romans probably is the most important book in the New Testament. The book is short, but Paul teaches great truths about God’s grace and how Christians should live. For example, in Christ, people are no longer slaves to sin or the law, but live under grace. God’s judgment against sinners is righteous. God created government and appointed men over the people, so Christians should submit to the government by obeying the law, etc.

In Romans is where Paul said that believers were “more than conquerors” through Christ, able to withstand persecution because nothing can separate us from Christ’s love for us. Such thoughts leave me speechless.

Amen, La Shawn. Amen.

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