Wednesday, December 6, 2006

living in "A Christmas Story" house

Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself thinking, I'd sure like to live in that person's house?

Brian Jones knows how you feel. He recently bought the house featured in A Christmas Story. While the exterior of the house is as it appears on film, Jones spent $240,000 to make the interior look like it as well. All interior shots in the film were on a stage. Jones charges $5 admission for adults, $3 for kids.

“Now I watch the movie and I catch myself looking at the background for anything we’re missing in the house,” Mr. Jones said.

To make the home feel more authentic, Mr. Jones hopes to install a stereo that recreates the sounds of Mr. Parker in the basement, swearing at the furnace. He briefly considered a Cleveland businessman’s offer to blow artificial smells of food, including Mrs. Parker’s cooked cabbage, through the house’s heat ducts.

Mr. Jones borrowed $129,000 to turn the house across the street into a museum and gift shop. Displays include the comically immobilizing snowsuit worn by little Randy, who famously cried, “I can’t put my arms down!” (NY Times)

Jones and his house were featured in a segment on NBC's Today Show yesterday.

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