Monday, December 4, 2006

"one town that won't let you down...."

Ah.... Chicago. It's always a treat to visit the Second City. I haven't been there since earlier this year, and I never realize how much I miss it until I return. I live in a big city, it's true - Indianapolis is the 12th largest in population. But, it's got nothing on Chicago. It doesn't have the vibrancy and bustle of downtown... the museums... the architecture... the sense of history. Heck, it doesn't even have an MLB team, and Chicago's got two!

We had a nice time there. We didn't see Wicked, but we were able to visit some old (and new) favorite places. We had an enjoyable dinner at Frontera Grill, one of Rick Bayless' two restaurants in the city. (Who is Rick Bayless? Go here, please). I ate what is quite probably the best - and spiciest - mahi-mahi I've ever had. We shopped in Marshall Field's, which has really suffered with a lack of variety of available goods since Macy's took over - The Wife was especially displeased with their selection of Christmas dresses (she ended up finding what she wanted at Talbot's on the Mag Mile). We spent way too much money in the American Girl store. We had a late-night dinner of stuffed pepperoni pizza from Giordano's. We slept as much as we wanted to, because the girls were with their grandparents.

All in all, a very enjoyable two days.

The Wife was supposed to work Friday, but the office was closed due to snowy weather. Chicago suburbs got several inches of snow, but downtown didn't have much at all. Instead of the ubiquitous Starbucks, we stopped in Argo Tea for some liquid refreshment after an afternoon of shopping. The Wife sipped a Hibiscus Steamer, and I drank a Raspberry Bubble Tea. Delicious! Here's a couple pictures from our time in Argo Tea.

Can you believe it? The Wife actually allowed me to post a picture of her.


  1. yeah, I haven't seen you guys since the summer and now I can say I did...wait, was it the summer, I don't even remember...

  2. You've seen a picture of us, Leah, you haven't seen us. That doesn't count.

    We last saw you in July 2005 - in Florida, I might add, so I believe it's your turn to visit us.