Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie reviews

Something that I hope to feature more often on this blog are reviews of movies and books. They may or may not be in the style of a formal review, such as you would read by Roger Ebert or the staff of Entertainment Weekly, but will focus largely on the believability of the actors and their actions, the impact of the movie, and what message (assuming its discernability) it offers.

I will certainly provide some thoughts on current and more recent movies, but I plan to create a category specifically for some more classic movies. This category shall be dubbed Movies I Should Have Seen By Now. As apparent by the title, these are movies that have had some acclaim and have been seen by a wide audience, except by me.

Here are some useful sites if you are a blogger who writes movie reviews. You are probably aware of them already, but in case you aren't, here they are:

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