Thursday, January 4, 2007

a return to ethics? we shall see...

Ethics.... Last year was a banner year for it, was it not? Or rather, the perceived lack of it in certain political parties and camps. Maybe the word wasn't blatantly mentioned at every single loud and confetti-filled political stump, or the not-so-quiet diner breakfasts with small town dwellers. But it was there, just the same. The Democrats used it as a sharp sword, slicing in two those who seemed not to have taken it seriously enough. Bush misled us into war with Iraq! The Republicans are corrupt and scandalous curs, feeding off the crumbs dropped by lobbyists! Jack Abramoff picked up the check for people to go see Nessie! Cheney once - and still probably - had strong ties to Halliburton - and doesn't that just sound like an evil, evil company?!

Well, it certainly seemed to have worked. Even now, the Dems are poised to take power in the House and Senate once again. Nancy Pelosi is all-prepared to accept her new role as Speaker of the House, the first woman in history to do so. What will they do after the place their hands on the Bible - and one Jefferson-owned Koran - and take their oaths today?

On the brink of regaining power after 12 years, House Democrats said Wednesday that they would move immediately to try to sever ties between lawmakers and lobbyists who figured into scandals that helped Democrats win control of Congress.

Democrats, who campaigned relentlessly last year on the theme of a Republican culture of corruption, introduced the proposed ethics rules as part of a week of choreography designed to deliver the message that they did not intend to do business as usual in Washington. In some cases, like restrictions on the use of corporate jets, the rules on gifts and travel by lobbyists go further than what Democrats had pledged earlier. (WaPo)
Yes! A return to ethics in the House. Evil lobbyists be banished - only nice lobbyists need knock on the door! And leave those plane tickets to Aspen at home, please - we don't want them.

The Dems tried to hold a news conference about this return to ethics. They said a few words, but eventually were drowned out by someone who should have loved their return to political might:
While Democrats sought to introduce their ethics legislation at a news conference, the antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and others interrupted with chants of “Troops home now; de-escalate, investigate.” The scene vividly illustrated the pressure that Democrats will face from the left wing of their party to challenge President Bush more aggressively on Iraq. Ms. Sheehan and other antiwar advocates felt they contributed to the Democrats’ takeover of Congress.

Yes, well... many of you Dems made nice with her. Now it's time to pay the piper, so to speak. Or at least, do what Cindy wants you to do, which is to get all troops out of Iraq yesterday.

Anyway, it's a return to ethics. A return to accountability. A return to congresspeople paying for their own checks at CityZen. We'll see how long this lasts...

BTW - did you know soon-to-be-Speaker Pelosi adores the Grateful Dead? You do now.


  1. Yeah, I saw the piece on the Dead on Drudge. Very funny.

  2. Not surprising that she likes them given that she's a liberal from SanFran.

    What do I gotta do to get on your blogroll? Honestly, I considered that to be one of my goals for this year... I'd love to get on Frank Turk's, but that prolly won't happen.