Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Coulter calamities

Wow. I agree with Atrios completely on this.

She showed up on Fox last night, and she's going to be on Sean Hannity's radio show later today, getting what she craves most - attention.

Some of the credentialed CPAC bloggers, and other right-of-center folks, have sent an open letter to CPAC about Coulter's words.

From Al Mohler's blog:

So . . . why would Ann Coulter use that word? And, even more troubling to me, why would any in her audience laugh? There is nothing remotely funny about that word in any context. It is meant to hurt when boys use it in the locker room, and it was meant to hurt when Ann Coulter used it when speaking to a conservative audience. It demeans homosexuals and should be banned from any acceptable discourse.

How can homosexuals think anything but the worst of a movement that would laugh at the use of this slur? How can we think any better of ourselves if we stand by and let it happen?
Andrew Sullivan likes what Mohler said.


  1. Apparently there is a game going around YouTube for people to trash Ann Coulter in response. I'm not sure why exactly, but I found myself laughing quite a bit at this bizarre little rant:


    (Not at all safe for work.)

  2. My worksite blocks YouTube, so I won't be seeing it there.

  3. Ah yes - we value and respect the dignity ofall living beings, except when their political/ social/ cultural/ lifestyle opinions differ from ours.

    Either all life is sacred and therefore of value and respect or it isn't. Make up your mind. (said I to AC)