Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm no Michael Moore fan but...

I've only watched one of Michael Moore's films, the Academy Award winning Bowling for Columbine. While I thought it raised some interesting ideas about our country and its (seemingly) obsessiveness with firearms, I thought it fell short in many areas. His interview with Marilyn Manson about Columbine was particularly maddening. I haven't viewed Fahrenheit 9/11, but I've heard and read so much about it, I don' t see the need to.

I truly hope Sicko is good. I expect it to be provactive, like his other films. I guess I'm most excited because I work in the healthcare industry, so it's something I'm greatly concerned about.
The movie, screened for TIME, is double-barreled Moore, a mix of familiar numbers (47 million uninsured Americans, the ever rising cost of care) and chilling moments (the 18-month-old baby who dies of a seizure when she’s denied emergency-room access, the husband and father with kidney cancer whose insurer won’t pay for a bone-marrow transplant). Together, they will have many moviegoers angry enough to gouge holes in their armrests. (Source)
I wonder if the film shows which hospital denied access to the baby with a seizure. I can tell you for certain that many hospitals aren't like this. At the hospital where I work, no one is denied care in the emergency room, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

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