Thursday, May 24, 2007

We have to go back!

***** Spoils abound here, so don't read if you haven't seen the finale *****

Lost continues to deliver explosive series finales. This time it was literally explosive, as Sayid, Jin, and Bernard attempted to foil the Others' abduction plans by blowing them off the island. The episode proved to be a game-changer, indeed - Jack's flashbacks were actually flash-forwards, and we see his meltdown following his return from the island.

What does this mean for season 4? Will we have more flash-forwards? Will we see how Jack and Kate (and presumably other Lostaways) leave the island? Will we find out who was in the coffin that nobody, except Jack, cared to see? Will Jack shave off his beard?

Some things to ponder:
  • Walt has aged quite a bit in the past year, hasn't he? Was he really there on the island - experiencing being in two places at once, as Ms. Klugh discussed - or was he just one of Locke's visions?
  • Speaking of Locke, Ben didn't seem all that surprised that he showed up. Ben even urged Locke to shoot Jack, but Locke being who he is couldn't kill someone he knows. Stabbing Naomi was no big deal, so he had never met her.
  • Was Naomi - and her cohorts on the boat - a "bad" person or not? She said on a previous episode that she had never met Penny, and Penny told Charlie before he swam with the fishes that she hadn't heard of Naomi.
  • I hope that Charlie's sacrifice proves not to be in vain.
  • If Naomi and her gang are bad, what does Ben know about them? Why couldn't he blurt out who they really are?
  • It was sad to see Tom (but not Charlie, really) go the way of Boone/Shannon/Ana Lucia/Libby. He was the face of the Others - Mr. Friendly, or Zeke if you prefer - for a long time. Rather fitting that Sawyer would ensure Tom met his demise.
  • How the mighty have fallen. Ben has gone from being the unquestioned, all-knowing leader of the Others, to Lostaways captive whose many lies (both to the Lostaways and his own people) have been discovered. And, he gets a bloody face to boot.
  • Throughout the flashforwards, Jack spoke about his father Christian as if he were alive. During season 1, Jack found his father's coffin and discovered it was empty. Is Christian truly alive?
  • The 1st and 2nd season finales focused on what would be the prevailing theme for the next season. The 1st season ended with Locke and Jack staring down into the hatch - we got to know all about that hatch, and the existence of other hatches, during the 2nd season. The 2nd season ended with several main Lostaways in the hands of the Others, and the 3rd season focused on who the Others are and what their lives are like. Will the 4th season focus on Naomi's compatriots, and Jack and Kate's return to the civilized world? We'll have to wait until 2008 to find out...

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  1. The coffin scene was particularly interesting to me. I believe that it was Sawyer in the box. It also reminded us of Jack's often repeated, "Live together or die alone" mantra. Since they abandoned the island, they wind up alone and miserable, it would seem.

    So is Charlie really dead? The crazy Russian dude seems to be invincible, maybe Charlie will come back to life too. And somebody go dig up Boone and his sister! They might be alive too.

    Weird, isn't it?