Saturday, June 30, 2007

questioning talk

A new poll is out, showing Americans' dissatisfaction with the Iraq War. 77% say the war is going badly, and 40% want the troops to leave Iraq. Unless things turn around dramatically in Iraq in the coming weeks - unlikey - there's no reason to think these numbers won't escalate.

I listen to talk radio from time to time - right wing talkers, of course, because that's all we have here in the middle of Indiana. The usual suspects - Laura, Hannity, Savage, Jerry Doyle - have all spoken lately about the will of the people in regards to immigration reform. They say that since so many people are against amnesty, the president and Congress should listen to them and enforce the immigration laws currently in place. If the numbers continue to climb, and more than 50% of the population want our troops out Iraq, will they still talk so freely about the will of the people?


  1. Matt:
    That's an interesting question. My answer: I doubt that they will talk about the will of the people when it comes to Iraq.

    We all can be very selective in our application of principles.


  2. I think that's part of human nature, Pastor Mark. We sometimes listen only to the things we want to hear.