Friday, August 10, 2007

the P.C.B. wildlife

We are able to see several wild animals on our trip to the Florida Panhandle. Some were right on the beach, and some were found in PC Sister's house.

This reptile was swimming in the pond near the pool at my Cincy Sister's house:

This delicious crustaceon lurked along the shorelines of St. Andrews State Park:

I was about to step in the waters of a black lagoon when I spotted this creature:
And this fearsome beast was at PC Sister's home!


  1. Cincy Sister and PC Sister, hmmm, I like the sound of it. Not photos! Come again soon, I miss you already...PC Sister

  2. I meant to say, Nice Photos!!!

  3. We won't make it down there until next year - maybe spring break, we'll have to see. I have plenty more photos than these - they'll go up over time.