Monday, August 20, 2007

Snow wants more dough

The lead story in this grouping focuses on the increasingly loud sound of crickets at Camp Casey. As intriguing as all things Cindy Sheehan are, I was more interested in the second story, where these words are found:
White House spokesman Tony Snow intends to leave his job before the president's term ends in January 2009. Speaking on Hugh Hewitt's radio show last week, Snow, a Fox News Channel personality who took a serious salary cut to become Bush's press secretary last year, said he needs more money than his $168,000 White House wage. Snow, who is battling a recurrence of colon cancer, did not name a departure date.

"When I have something to announce, I'll let everyone know," he told us via e-mail.

I'm wondering two things.

(1.) How much is the deductible for health insurance obtained through the White House?

(2.) How much money does Tony Snow need to make? $168,000 a year would make life quite comfortable for me.

1 comment:

  1. $168,000 might make the average person comfortable for a little while. That is, until that upped their mortgage, bought new cars, shopped for new clothes, and etc. After a short time, I'd wager that the average person would be under as much financial duress with $168,000 as they would be with $40,000. That is, if I were the type to waste my earnings on frivilous things like wagers, which I'm not. ;)