Monday, August 20, 2007

Ten tidbits 4

01. Matt Schmucker asks an intriguing question: Is the idea of eternity and the believer's ultimate end simply lost to the modern church?

02. Does Jesus want us to have universal healthcare? J.P. Moreland says no.

03. Can't get enough of Starbucks? Go here to get the gossip. Really, no one can get enough these days. Even if you can't stand the hot viscous stuff, you've certainly been inside a Starbucks at least once in your life. Don't lie and say you haven't...

04. Daniel Pulliam at Get Religion examines a story by Eileen Flynn on the emerging church.

05. What not to name your blog. For the record: I have only been called "Brownie" a few times in my life - a college roommate tried to give me a nickname, but nothing stuck. Does it qualify as something "not to name your blog?" That's for you, dear reader, to judge.

06. 2008 Presidential Election Candidates on the Issues.

07. How do you become a better writer?

08. Pastor John Piper believes the prosperity gospel to be deceitful and deadly.

09. Back to the future, new urbanism style.

10. Joe Carter, whose regular postings of "33 Things" are the inspiration for my "Ten Tidbits," is getting a book published. It's on my list!

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