Thursday, September 20, 2007

I almost teared up just now

My youngest daughter (she'll turn 3 next month!) is watching Finding Nemo. I watched the very beginning with her, and I very nearly became extremely emotional. You know what happens. Marlin loses his wife and all his children, except for Nemo.

I've seen the movie countless times, and it still tears me up inside.
What about you? Are there certain scenes in a movie that get to you, no matter how many time you watch them?


  1. When Cuba Gooding Jr. stands up and walks at the end of Men of Honor

  2. that's a GREAT one!

    Freedom Writers (just saw it) has a great scene where one of the students gives a little speech about how he feels about the class...oh man, we were both bawling like babies!

  3. All 6 Rocky movies have scenes that get my husband and I weepy. Especially the last one when he tells his brother-in-law the reason he needs to fight again.
    Your cincy sis

  4. Cindy Sis, why am I not suprised?